Wednesday, June 8, 2011

M O R N I N G G !!

Morning blogg. Today just help my mom for clean the home (: rajin kan-2 HAHA Btw today nak story lol dekat fbook to byak sgat yang kerek-2 ya memang i dnt like. Orang mcam tu just nak amek 'PERHATIAN' perlu ke kau kerek sgat nak maki hamun orang. And then bukan tu saje Jadi kerek coz berebut JANTANN ?? eeeuuu. Macam budak-2 agas kan? Hih baik mati j lah kau peeps. Anyone yg bace ni jgan lah terase okay. For sure not you all <3

H U H H - -'

fucking bored this night -.- dnt knw wht wanna do. Any ideas? my topup just finished. Grr kesian kann come-2 hug me blogg. (:


yeah (: love can come so easy and go so easy. For everybody must be patient if thinking bout this. And all guy can talk how he want. Dont trust mybe he just liar. If you trust it your heart can pain. Not easy to forget someone. I know. All about story love have final if the final can make you happy is a best love story. trust it? --' Dont confiused wth your story love.