Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it my mistake?

Assalammualaikum (':

Salam semua (: Okay lame tak update status. Mybe 3days? Haa lame ke, Hihi. Dnt worry ayen still sehad wal-afiat. Masih lagi jejak di bumi yang fana. Haa dengar macam frust kan? Hm sikit laa -.- However still tak boleh happy kan diri nih. But i try the best. Malas nak layan perasaan sangat. Nanti diri sendiri yang merana kan? So ayen fikir masa depan ayen lagi bagus. Yang pergi tetap pergi, Ayen redaa dgn ketentuan allah S.W.T ! Mybe ade hikmah, kebaikan, dan tujuannya kenapa dia pergi dari hidup ayen. Ayen boleh lagi ketawa, happy semua. Sebaliknya ayen tipu org sekeliling ayen. Syukur Allah bagi kekuatan ntk ayen hadapi ni semua. Thanks god :)

#Firtly i see you. Yes you're a Hndsome guy. Then wht i think i can't to make you mine. We are Friends, Thats impossible for me to fall in love with you. But finally i cant to stop this felling (: I fall in love !n Oh god, With who? Wth mr.N .. Then we are loving couple. I thinking every day to not lossing you. Coz you already make my life complete. You love me, I love you. We have a good plan sygg. But dear we just 5mounth, I dnt know where have mistake in this relationship.You'd never know that I've cried lots thinking of letting u go. i loved u still but this heart bruised bit because u never ever be there for me. I'm all alone by myself untill i get you. I try the best for caring about you. I give you everything. N You gave me sooooo much cares like no one else could. You like a Best friends, a boyfriend, & a brother to me. on the other hand, You the one who always worried if anything bad happen against me. and You the one who always puts me on the 1st place in my heart. i wish u here by my said. but at the end.... we ended up with broken heart & thanks to u, Nazri :')
I'm out of done...